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Study Methodology

Here you'll find appendices that review the piloting of study materials, an overview of the methodology (including a review of measures), an anonymized description of the non-UWC schools that took part in the study and how they were chosen, and an outline of limitations that affected the research.

Method Appendices

Literature Reviews

These broad literature reviews relate to the four main chapters of the summary report. While the reviews do not cover the entire scope of literature for any of these topics, they serve as overviews and point to some of the theories and frameworks that guided the project.

Lit Review Appendices

Surveys & Protocols

We provide full text examples of student and alumni surveys as well as examples of our field observation and interview protocols.

Protocols Appendices

Schemes & Counts

These appendices include qualitative coding schemes, including a final codebook for interview data as well as sub-coding schemes for particular thematic areas. 

Schemes Appendices

Additional Analyses

Further data that were not described in the summary report are included here.